Teach your child good money habits

PocketJam is an app that teaches your child to earn and save their pocket money using math challenges and savings rewards.

How it works

We set weekly math challenges for your child to unlock their pocket money. If they choose to save, they earn more!


Set a pocket money amount

Choose a monthly pocket money amount, a reward per quiz and a savings bonus for your child.


Child solves math problems

Your child receives a weekly math challenge to complete.


Savings bonus if your child saves

Our app uses savings incentives to encourage your child to save.

An easy way to create great money habits

We take the administration hassles out of pocket money so that more of your time can be spent focusing on other things.

We provide a simple portal for you to:

  • Easily top up your child's pocket money
  • Monitor your child's saving and spending habits
  • View your child's progress on the math challenges

Kids earn while they learn

PocketJam provides age appropriate math problems which kids solve on a weekly basis.

The App:

  • Helps to develop your child's basic math skills
  • Encourages your child to develop a habit of learning
  • Nudges your child to save rather than spend

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of habits and establishing them from a young age.

Therefore, our mission is to teach kids great financial habits and make these habits stick, in order to build financially independent future generations.


Healthy Money Habits


Life-long Learning


Financial Confidence Matters


Collaborative Education

Sign-up and receive $10 credit

Start investing in your child's financial future now. Our first 100 parents who download PocketJam will receive $10 credit towards their child's pocket money.

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